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Asia-style ceramic bowl

Asia-style ceramic bowl


This bowl is super recommended!


The bowl shape is beautiful, the mouth of the bowl is slightly open, and the waist is slightly narrowed in the middle of the bowl.


Like a bell, it's very exquisite and cute.


Bright glaze on the inner wall of the bowl and matte glaze on the outer wall can prevent slippage.


This type of device is not only responsible for appearance.


It also adds a variety of daily uses, it can serve vegetables (very suitable for Chinese stir-fry), and can be used as a bowl


Please look at the picture carefully before taking the photo, the color of this series deliberately made uneven clouds


Each physical effect is slightly different, and it is more difficult to find two exactly the same


It's not a blemish, please take it carefully


【Material】Ceramic underglaze


[Size] Bell bowl: The diameter of the bowl is about 17cm, the height is about 6.5cm, and the

full bowl capacity is about 850ml

Small plate: The diameter of the plate is about 21.3cm, and the height is about 2.5cm


[Note] Microwave and dishwasher are available, but open flame is disabled


【Explanation】Ceramic products may be deformed, glaze flowing, protrusions, staining, small black spots, pinholes, small leakages, etc.