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Chinese Ceramic plate

Chinese Ceramic plate



Very beautiful kiln change effect,

It is not an exaggeration to say that the expressiveness of the picture is not half of the real thingThe physical gloss and color impact are stronger,It's the kind of ginger that will be slightly shocked when you get it Because of the size, I personally feel that the effect of the small cap is more eye-catching than the large cap.

The plate shape is not very flat, it is a bit deep, and it is also suitable for Chinese food


【Material】Ceramic underglaze


[Size] Small plate: The diameter of the plate is about 20.7cm, and the height is about 2.5cm

Large plate: The diameter of the plate is about 28.3cm, and the height is about 3.5cm


[Note] Microwave and dishwasher are available, but open flames are prohibited!


【Explanation】Ceramic products may be deformed, glaze flowing, protrusions, staining, small black spots, pinholes, small leakages, etc.