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Crystal glass for wine and juice

Crystal glass for wine and juice



Careful friends will find this glass this time, the frequency of appearance as a match in other product links is very high

What else can it be because of its beauty? Round and cute, exquisite and compact. No matter what tableware it matches, it looks so cute and pleasant, and I can't help but look at it more. It is suitable as a juice cup or ice cream yogurt cup, and it is also ok to drink sparkling wine

The capacity is small, transparent and lightweight, and the hand power is very good.



【Material】Artificial crystal glass

   [Size] The cup diameter is about 7.2cm, the height is about 10.2cm, and the full cup capacity is about 250ml

   [Applicable] Heat-resistant 50C, no microwave oven, no sudden cold and sudden heat

【Explanation】Glass products may be deformed, small black spots, mineral crystals, streamlines, etc.