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Classic Coffee Glass

Classic Coffee Glass



texture of material

Food grade tempered glass




- transparent

- The material is toughened glass, and its permeability is lower than that of high borosilicate glass

Due to the high requirements of product manufacturing, it can only be manufactured by industrial assembly line, and the following situations may occur

Are normal phenomenon, non quality phenomenon, does not affect the use, please rest assured to buy


The capacity of this cup is marked by French brand. After actual measurement, some specifications have some errors

In general, the capacity is too small, which does not affect the use. Customers with strict requirements should choose according to their own discretion

Package log0


The original packing is 6 pieces / box, single shot without independent packing



Because the brand logo steel seal is designed at the bottom of the cup, part of the bottom of the cup may not be completely flat


Wholesale/Bulk order is welcome. Further discount will be ordered.